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Belt Cleaning

Traditional methods of cleaning, drying or removing debris from conveyor belts use a combination of compressed air and scrapers. Today’s strict demands for food product safety and higher production speeds have made traditional methods less than desirable. R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc. has expanded the Adamark line of air knife drying equipment to include continuous air knife belt cleaning systems.

The Adamark high speed, compact and quiet single stage centrifugal blower provides a warm, dry, and oil and contaminant free air stream at velocities up to 37,000 feet per minute. Enough punch and power to remove baked-on and sticky production by-products off flat, wire rope and plastic link belts.

To date our applications include the following:

  • Continuous cleaning and drying of flour from bakery pie crust conveyor
  • Continuous removal of flour, sugar and product from cereal line flat belt conveyors
  • Continuous removal of sticky snack food flavour coatings on incline flyted conveyors
  • Continuous waste product removal and drying on cutting belt in a meat cutting application
  • Removal of condensation and water from link belt prior to freezer
  • Removal of waste food products on waste vegetable conveyor

The system can be used in conjunction with existing dust hoods and vacuum systems or designed to use the air knife blower suction to capture and filter the airborne contaminants. Since there is no physical contact with the belt, the Adamark system causes no physical wear, scarring or edge fraying, compared to the use of scrapers.

A typical system would require 5 - 25 Hp depending on belt width. This represents as much as an 80% energy savings compared to compressed air.

The air can be filtered with our standard 10 micron element or filtered through our inline HEPA filter.

Whether the conveyor is open chain link or flat belting, the ADAMARK high velocity blower driven air knife is the ideal choice for continuous cleaning. At a fraction of the cost of compressed air, the Adamark air knife can continuously clean, making product changeovers faster and easier. Wear and maintenance costs are greatly reduced when the conveyor is clean. In the case of flat belting, scraper blades have always been used. The friction and wear caused by the scraping is eliminated when an Adamark belt cleaning system is used to remove debris, dust and powders. The high velocity (37,000 feet per minute), clean, dry air stream lifts the contaminates off, eliminating costly smears and build up.

Removing excess product from belts and drying after wash cycles are things we do well. Quiet, compact and easy to install on existing conveyor lines, Adamark belt cleaning systems are fully guaranteed to perform to your individual satisfaction. If not, we correct it at our cost or accept it back for a full invoice credit.