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Static Removal

Adamark Systems incorporate the Haug brand of static elimination products into all engineered applications in which static charges on the product or package reduce the quality and increase production time and costs. Static in some cases can cause a health and/or safety risk.

The Adamark Cleaning System provides cost effective complete systems to remove static allowing for improved production, quality and safety.

Many companies supply the parts to be installed. Adamark provides the complete solution. There are complete conveyor systems with turn key operation or engineered systems designed to bolt onto existing process or conveyors.

The dust or product removed can be collected in the unique Adamark closed loop blow-off suction system. When the dirt load in a shift requires high capacity collection the system incorporates seperate bag type evacuation systems with drum collection.

Improves product quality, production effeciency, elimates compressed air usage and cost, improves safety.

Download - Adamark Cleaning/Dust Removal Brochure