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Wine Bottle Drying

The very first Adamark Air Knife System was installed at Andre’s Wine in Winnona, Ontario, to remove rinse water from the exterior of a wine bottle prior to applying a pressure sensitive label. From the start, it was clear a dry bottle labels faster and better, ink jet codes remain clear and neck sleeves drop in place better when the bottle is dry. Bottles Drying

The Adamark Air Knife System is the leading brand in Canada for wine bottle drying. Our success at removing condensation prior to labeling has made Adamark Air Knife Systems the standard. Warm, dry, high velocity air removes water droplets and film from the bottle in a single file application.

Not only is the bottle dry, it’s clean. Adamark Air Knife Systems are available for use in small wineries at 40-60 bottles per minute as well as large production facilities at line speeds exceeding 400 bottles per minute.