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PET water bottle drying video
PET water bottle drying video 2


Adamark Conveyorized Systems

As a drop-in solution, Adamark systems are available as stand alone conveyorized drying units. The unique Adamark Air Knife Drying conveyor is complete in every way. The unit is normally 5 to 6 feet long with a frequency drive controlling the belt, adjustable to match existing line speed. The air knives are installed top and bottom with the blower tucked underneath the drip pan. The system is even available with integrated controls to link it with the line’s existing control box. If you’re looking for a self contained, hassle-free drop-in drying solution, an Adamark Conveyorized Drying System is the perfect solution.

Check out the Applications section to see how an Adamark Conveyorized System can be used for Can and Bottle Drying, Food Products Drying, Wine Bottle Drying and Auto Parts Drying.