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Air Knife demo


Food Products Drying

The Adamark Air Knife Drying Systems have been uniquely engineered to dry the water and condensation from vacuum packaged food products after they exit from a hot water or steam shrink tunnel.

Through the use of liquid heat or steam, the film is shrunk to fit the product perfectly. Though the package is sealed, product and conveyor remain wet, creating a significant problem when the product is weighed, labelled, ink jet coded and finally placed in a carton.

Fortunately, every Adamark Drying System is custom designed to eliminate these problems, guaranteed.

Adamark Dries:

Prior to Weighing

High velocity air knives positioned following the exit of a shrink tunnel dry the conveyor belt immediately, providing an accurate weight every time. This prevents the need to stop production regularly to manually dry the belt and reset the scale.

Prior to Labelling

There are two significant advantages to labelling a dry product: The label will stick and stay where it is positioned without wrinkling from the absorption of moisture. And, a less expensive, thinner label can be used when the package is dry prior to labelling, reducing material costs.

Prior to Coding

When ink-jet coding, less expensive inks can be used on a dry product; no smears or runs. Even at high line speeds, the primary advantage is a clear, inexpensive code.

Prior to Boxing

With a dry product, there is never a concern that the wet bottom of a stacked product will stick to or soil the top label of the previous product. Less expensive cartons (thinner, non-waxed) can be used when the risk of case rot from accumulated water is eliminated by the Adamark Drying System.